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laurel lillian pederson

"If it is your job to develop the mind, shouldn't you know how the brain works?" Kenneth Wesson MD

Applying Neuroscience to Performance Improvement, Education, Business Management, Health Care and Communication.

brain storm image Consulting and Presentation of Current Neuroscience Research in Teaching, Learning, Communication, 

brain storm image Performance Improvement 

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brain storm image Curriculum Writing and Design for K-12, Training, Online Learning, Post-Secondary Education

brain storm image Course Development for Educators and Organizations

brain storm image Business Leadership/Management/Communication and Team Building

brain storm image Health Care Professional Communication and Team Building

brain storm image Homeschool Curriculum and Instruction Consulting

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brain storm image STEM, Project, Place and Problem Based Learning, Student Centered, Hands-On Learning, Differentiated Learning, Classroom Management, Passion, Curiosity and Play based lessons.